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Karen Solie is the 2015 winner of the Latner Writers’ Trust Poetry Prize.James Langer

It was the same life, more or less,

yet suddenly a flight itinerary represented

the most tangible indication of my fate.

From the air I saw mountains, forest,

lakes in which dissolved the notion

of ownership, and the sweet little Beechcraft

wagged its tail on landing

in a crosswind. My fellow passengers

claimed their long guns, carried them in cases

like guitars out of the terminal.

Darkness accompanied the second segment,

the Dash 8 traversing the southwest

in high cloud and swinging out over

the Atlantic. Lights might have been

ships, or islands, towns someone

from there could identify. But I wasn't from there.

Where land ended

and the water began was indiscernible,

though I was not afraid. Because I didn't know

what I was seeing.

Karen Solie is the 2015 winner of the Latner Writers' Trust Poetry Prize,a $25,000 award presented to a mid-career poet in recognition of aremarkable body of work and in anticipation of future contributionsto Canadian poetry.

Man Is a Rational Animal is taken from The Road In Is Not the Same Road Out, copyright © 2015 by Karen Solie. Reproduced with permission from House of Anansi Press, Toronto.