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. . . And now for something completely distinguished:

Canadian poet and scholar Dr. Robert Hogg attended classes with the-one-and-only Charles Olson at the Vancouver Summer School in 1963. An active participant in TISH, perhaps the most important small-press publication, period, he continues to contribute works of superior worth and value to Belle Lettres, most recently An English Canadian Poetics, Volume One (of what promises to conclude with seven instalments, astonishingly).

Hogg's splendidly sublime poetry defies easy description and resists labels of all kinds. His work simply dazzles (and easily ranks among that of our finest living writers [coincidentally his closest compadres] the most excellent George Bowering, Daphne Marlatt, Gerry Gilbert, Frank Davey, Victor Coleman, Maxine Gadd and Fred Wah,

Thus, all things considered, The Ottawa Citizen's Jennifer Campbell profile of the Hogg Farmer, Happy to Grind Out a Living, says far more about his incredible range, scope, brain and curiosity than any biographical note possibly could (considering Labour Day and all that :)):

Call him the unlikely farmer. Bob Hogg is actually a retired professor of English — specifically American literature and Canadian poetry. But on the side, he's quietly developed an organic and natural food distribution company along with a flour milling business from his farm in Mountain, Ont., about an hour's drive south of the capital, where he used to teach . . . It all began in 1973 when he bought the farm . . .



FYI: Head to Huntsville, ON's Deerhurst Resort come Sept. 30th for an extraordinarily jam-crammed writerly get-to-get, North Words: Muskoka Literary Festival, featuring Cathy Marie Buchanan, Vincent Lam, Claudia Dey, Charles Foran, Gill Deacon, Tish Cohen, Richard B. Wright, Camilla Gibb, Terry Fallis, Cynthia Lord, Ed Lawrence and Margaret Atwood.

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