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In this week's issue of Jughead's self-titled comic, Archie's pal is officially confirmed as asexual, adding to a roster of new and diverse characters the publisher has introduced in recent years


Archie's burger-loving best friend has had a makeover recently in a series by Canadian writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Erica Henderson. In the fourth issue, out this week, Jughead Jones's asexuality is casually introduced in a conversation with another student, the website Comic Book Resources reported Monday.

The move follows through on a promise Mr. Zdarsky made at a comics convention last year to portray Jughead as having no sexual interest in women, because "historically he has been portrayed as such."

Asexuality – as distinct from celibacy, which is a conscious choice not to be sexually active – is a part of the sexual spectrum in which one experiences no or little sexual attraction.


In 2010, Archie Comics introduced its first-ever gay character, Kevin Keller, to acclaim from gay-rights groups and fans. Two years later, Kevin married an African-American doctor in Life with Archie, a spinoff series featuring the Archie characters as adults.

Kevin's creator, writer and artist Dan Parent, introduced Harper, a mixed-race cousin of Veronica Lodge who uses a wheelchair. Harper was inspired by Toronto children's author Jewel Kats.


The comics publisher has also shaken up the Archie formula in recent years with sometimes head-scratching genre switches, such as the 2013 zombie-apocalypse series Afterlife with Archie:

… last year's partnership with Dark Horse Comics on an Archie vs. Predator miniseries:

… or cashing in on the viral popularity of sharks with Archie vs. Sharknado.


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