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Globe Books editors select the best-reviewed poetry collections of the year

KILLDEER By Phil Hall (BookThug) Phil Hall’s Governor-General’s Award-winning Killdeer is a literary memoir in the form of a lyrical essay, which he rescues from its excesses and turns into something as adventurous as it is readable. Hall is one of the most inventive, and least pretentious, poets we have. If he’s not a household name yet, he deserves to be. – Paul Vermeersch

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METHODIST HATCHET By Ken Babstock (Anansi) Full of lush vocabulary and linguistic play, Methodist Hatchet is as precise as it is expansive, as complex as it is companionable. It refuses to look away from the unstable nature of self and world and word. That is why Ken Babstock is one of the most exciting lyric poets writing today. – Sina Queyras

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