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Author Thomas King has been nominated twice for a Governor-General’s Award.
Author Thomas King has been nominated twice for a Governor-General’s Award.


Thomas King, still not the Indian you had in mind Add to ...

“But if I don’t have anything to publish, I don’t publish it. If I don’t have a good idea or a good piece that I’ve done, then nothing happens. There’s a thing called ’commercial speed’ for writers which is one book every year. That’s for genre writers. I don’t know if it’s written anywhere but if you’re a literary writer, and you want to keep your place in the great mandala, you publish every two or three years. I haven’t done that.”

“If I have to ask myself what I’ve done in the past week, month or year, I’ll never have any peace or satisfaction. Because it means that all I’ve done in the past isn’t worth anything, and all I’m worth is what I can produce in the next little bit. I can’t live my life like that.”

The Inconvenient Indian is due out in November. “The voice is very much like the Massey Lectures – a little more strident, I suppose. A little less forgiving. I guess you could call this a kind of historical journalism. I’d agree with that. I suppose my journalistic instincts crept back in.”

“I think it’ll do well. I wrestled with it for six years. But I’m at the age where I don’t really care any more. I used to be really concerned about what people thought of me or said about me. But not any more. I don’t read reviews. I suppose some people won’t like this book. They’ll criticize me for writing it. And that’s just fine with me.”

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