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The Globe and Mail Centre at 351 King St. East, in 2017.Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail

The Globe and Mail and Signal Books, an imprint of McClelland & Stewart, are pleased to announce their partnership in publishing A Nation’s Paper: The Globe and Mail in the Life of Canada, for Fall, 2024.

Publication of the book will mark the culmination of The Globe History Project, a series of 30 essays by Globe writers, past and present, exploring the paper’s coverage of Canada and the world.

The essays will run in the paper throughout 2024, to mark The Globe’s 180th anniversary.

Writers are already at work on topics as varied as the contribution of the paper’s founder, George Brown, to Confederation, The Globe’s initial support for residential schools, pioneering women journalists, environmental coverage, foreign news reporting, The Globe at war, business news reporting, evolving technology, immigration and race, sports and arts, the sovereigntist movement in Quebec, investigative journalism and other topics.

“We are not writing a history of Canada,” explained editor-in-chief David Walmsley. “We are not writing a history of The Globe and Mail. We are looking at 30 events and issues in which The Globe intersected with the life of the country, influencing its course.”

“Signal and McClelland & Stewart are enormously proud to be publishing A Nation’s Paper,” said Douglas Pepper, publisher of Signal Books. “The Globe and Mail’s story is, in many ways, the story of Canada’s growth and success. We are excited to be partners in telling that story.”

All royalties from the sale of the book will be donated to Journalists for Human Rights, a Canadian non-profit organization that assists journalists in covering human-rights issues around the world.

“The Globe History Project is a very ambitious undertaking, and speaks both to pride in our past and confidence in our future,” said publisher Phillip Crawley. “I think George Brown would be pleased.”

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