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Celebrity Forbes Power Photos of the Year

An analysis of the top 10 picks on the Forbes 100 Most Powerful Celebrities list

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NO. 2: Oprah Winfrey

Earning three times as much as Jennifer Lopez and more than any other celebrity out there, as well as OWNING HER OWN TELEVISION NETWORK were not enough to beat J-Lo for top spot. Of course, her $125-million in earnings were down from the $290-million she made last year, so there's always that.


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NO. 3: Justin Bieber

Canada's response to the current craze for vanilla yogurt, Bieber also earned more than Jennifer Lopez last year, and has more Twitter followers than the combined populations of Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and British Columbia, minus PEI. But what really caught the eye of Forbes's editors and prompted them to put Bieber on the cover of its 100 most power celebs issue is the fact the 18-year-old is a savvy venture capitalist who has invested in numerous Internet properties like Spotify and, even more savvily, not one newspaper.


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NO. 4: Rihanna

The pop sensation was another celeb who earned more than Jennifer Lopez this year, but she only has one fragrance in her perfume line and she hasn't divorced anyone interesting lately. She is therefore not, to use Forbes's term, a 'state-of-the-art celebrity.' Think about that and try not to be frightened.


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NO. 5: Lady Gaga

The singer was No. 1 on the list last year but Forbes says she didn't tour enough this year and dropped her to fifth. She's the top social media celeb in the world, however, so otherwise she might have dropped to 17th or something once all the numbers had been crunched by the sophisticated algorithm that Forbes obviously uses to come up with its list.


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NO. 6: Britney Spears

You'd be laughing too.


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NO. 7: Kim Kardashian

The reality-TV star, seen here with her future ex-husband Kanye West, managed to get both married and separated in the year under consideration, events which both earned her untold millions. This is a reliable indicator that shame and talent are not part of the Forbes algorithm.


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NO. 8: Katy Perry

Perry also benefited from marital breakdown to bulk up her celebrity muscle, divorcing addiction expert Russell Brand. Other than that, she is still riding the wave of her 2010 smash-hit album 'Teenage Dream,' currently getting endless airtime on MOR radio stations around the parts of the world that have MOR radio stations.


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NO. 9: Tom Cruise

The aging heartthrob/religious leader had a good year thanks to the success of his latest 'Mission: Impossble' episode. Other than that, no one thought about him.


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NO. 10: Steven Spielberg

The director/producer, seen here with his wife Kate Capshaw, directed two Oscar-nominated movies, ventured into TV with 'Terra Nova' (nope) and 'Smash' (yup), generated wealth in his industry, supported important social causes and behaved like an adult, so his inclusion in the top 10 is obviously a mistake. We expect a correction from Forbes any minute. Photo of Taylor Swift is standing by . . .


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