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No animals were (irreparably) harmed in the making of this photo gallery

Celebrity morgue janitor Lindsay Lohan takes a break from ruining her career and attends the Weinstein Company's Golden Globes after-party in Beverly Hills on Sunday.


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If Lindsay Lohan gets to attend a Golden Globes party, then so does Paris Hilton. Sorry, that's just the way it works. I'm just doing my job and following regulations.

Katy Winn/AP

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Still struggling to adapt to the ways of Planet Earth, Zooey Deschanel nearly rips her own head off in an attempt to appease the strange clicking beasts with the flashing eyes that seem to follow her everywhere.


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Orlando Bloom squeezes Miranda Kerr's dress just a bit too tightly at the Warner Bros. and InStyle Golden Globe after-party in Los Angeles Sunday.

Matt Sayles/AP

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Her Serene Highness Angelina Jolie, Queen of the Kingdom of Joliepittania, hurries to address her people before a breeze comes along and snaps her in two like a twig.


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Later, she and her Royal Consort humbly surveyed their vast lands and scanned the horizon for a trendy issue to which they might next attach their name. None appeared.


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George Clooney tries to figure out which of the two trophies he's holding is more important to him at the Golden Globe awards in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

Mark J. Terrill/AP

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Still not sure...


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"Honey I was just kidding! You're way more important to me than my best actor award from those idiots at the Hollywood Foreign Press Association."


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Mark J. Terrill/AP

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Uggie, the dog from the film "The Artist," will now rate the gowns on the Golden Globes red carpet.


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Tina Fey.


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Sofia Vergara


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Erin Wasson

Matt Sayles/AP

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Matt Sayles/AP

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Uggie? Uggie? Are you okay?

Matt Sayles/AP

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"Stop torturing that poor animal!" demands Colin Firth at the Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills on Sunday.


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"Yes, stop it right now!" says Steven Spielberg. "Not even P. Diddy wants to look at that dress."


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Sean "P. Diddy" Combs stares at the floor as he arrives at the Warner Bros. and InStyle Golden Globes after-party in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Matt Sayles/AP

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Gerard Butler (left) explains to Rob Lowe how he was really just kidding when he told Erin Wasson she should wear her underpants and a torn negligee to the Golden Globes.


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Laura Dern, who moments earlier was seen talking to Gerard Butler, agrees to try and fit her Golden Globe award in her mouth at the HBO after-party in Beverly Hills Sunday night.


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And it looks like Dern did it!


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"I'm on a roll!" Butler boasts to Lowe. "Let's see if we can talk anyone else into doing something ridiculous, like to their hair or something."


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Tilda Swinton arrives at the 69th annual Golden Globe Awards in Beverly Hills on Sunday.


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Matt Sayles/AP

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