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Editor's note: Each week, Globe and Mail editors supply tongue in cheek captions to our celebrity of the week photos. This week: our Occupy Wall Street edition. Disclaimer: this isn't an endorsement of any political position, just a spot of fun.

Week Five of the Occupy Wall Street movement finds couture-and-pearls-bedecked actress Elizabeth McGovern preoccupied with America's growing income disparity at the New York Film Festival premiere of "My Week With Marilyn" in a swank New York City hotel on Sunday.Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

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"Thanks for the shout out, Caption Writing Person!"AFP / Getty Images

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Yes, stars came out in force last week to show their support for the brave little people taking part in Occupy Wall Street protests across America. Here, actress Sofia Vergara demands higher taxes for the wealthy as she arrives at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Los Angeles on Sunday.Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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Actor Jeremy Piven strikes a blow for the disenfranchised at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Los Angeles on Sunday.Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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Clearly outraged by the excessive bonuses paid to Wall Street executives, actress Sanaa Lathan defines unostentation at the champagne-sponsored event for the elitest equestrian game sometimes known as "The Sport of Kings" in Los Angeles on Sunday.Jason Merritt

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Lauren Conrad, well-known chronicler of the down and out in Orange County, wore shorts to the polo match to show her support for people who can't afford long pants, something she read about online one time or something.Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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What the hell?!? How did this photo of an Occupy Wall Street protester in Los Angeles taken the day before the polo match get in here? Our apologies. [CWP is investigating; soothing photo to follow]Reuters

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Host Nacho Figueras arrives at the Veuve Clicquot Polo Classic in Los Angeles on Sunday dressed like a complete tool.Jason Merritt/Getty Images

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Singer/actress/Bieber-squeezer Selena Gomez attends the premiere of "The Thing" in Universal City, Calif., on Monday.Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Selena Gomez, attending the premiere of "The Thing," is delighted by Eli Roth's discourse on how power belongs to those who control the means of production. You'd be good at feigning interest, too, if you were dating Justin Bieber.Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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At the premiere of "The Thing," singer Marilyn Manson balks at Eli Roth's suggestion that they attend an Occupy Wall Street protest and show their support for the other 99 per cent.Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Then there was an awkward pause, during which Manson fell asleep.Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Emma Stone attends the German premiere of "The Help" (German title: "Der Turkish Illegalman Arbeiter") in Hamburg last week.Christian Augustin/Getty Images

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Actress Shanyn Leigh attends a screening of "4:44 Last Day On Earth" in occupied New York City on Saturday.Marc Stamas/Getty Images

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A couple of complete nobodies attend the Occupy Wall Street protest in New York on Monday.TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP / Getty Images

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"Aww, look at the cute little complete nobodies," says actor Willem Dafoe attending the "4:44 Last Day On Earth" screening in New York.Marc Stamas/Getty Images

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Laura Dern scratches a spot Jack Black couldn't quite reach at the premiere of HBO's "Enlightened" in Los Angeles last week.Kevin Winter/Getty Images

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Actress Natalie Gal attends a screening of "Dirty Girl" in Los Angeles last week. That reminds me: I need to rewind my cuckoo clock when I get home.Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

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"Whaaaa?!"Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

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Brad Goreski wore three shades of mauve to the second annual Art Mere/Art Pere Night in West Hollywood last week.Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

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Determined champion of the underclasses Jeremy Piven wore three shades of grey to the second annual Art Mere/Art Pere Night in West Hollwood last week.Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

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Actress Reese Witherspoon wore three shades of boring to the Art Mere/Art Pere Night. In West Hollywood. Last week.Joe Scarnici/Getty Images

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Cherie Walters, 58, wore one shade of unironic defiance to the Occupy Wall Street demonstration in New York City last week.Tina Fineberg/The Associated Press

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"Occupy this, losers," Chris Albrecht, the super-wealthy president/CEO of a major Hollywood production company, says while attending a premiere with his taller, younger, way better looking wife in Los Angeles last week.Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

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Left-leaning actor/director George Clooney attends the after-party for the premiere of "The Ides of March" in a swank and exclusive club in Manhattan last week. He said last week he would pay more attention to the Occupy Wall Street movement were he not so busy attending events like this. Seriously. That's what he said.Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

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Model/actress Christie Brinkley attends the after-party for the premiere of "The Ides of March" in New York City last week.Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

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Whaaaa?!AFP / Getty Images

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It's good to be king, eh George?Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

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