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Movies: Hangover 2

Bradley Cooper: He doesn't want this Hangover to end Add to ...

Bradley Cooper is a handy, not to mention hard-working, guy. He fixes tape recorders (mine). He shaved Zach (or "Zachie," as he calls him) Galifianakis's head for his new look in The Hangover Part II.

Cooper's filmed six films in the last 18 months, and says he'd sign up for Hangover III in a heartbeat. Now he's on a breakneck press tour to promote the Hangover sequel doing 10 hours worth of interviews in a single day.

But if the hunky actor is worn out, he doesn't show it. He eagerly shares some of the things he loves best about working with this Wolf Pack:

Zach Galifianakis, the now-bald Alan Garner

"In this movie, I love his Fanta obsession. He's always got orange Fanta in a plastic cup. And he describes himself as a Foodie when we arrive at the airport to fly to Bangkok for Stu's wedding. I love the idea that we're always having to feed him like a child, and saying things like 'Alan, stop crying.' Or having to get a hat for Alan's bald head."

Ed Helms, the now-tattooed Stu Price

"Ed got sick a lot during the movie, and my most vivid memory of Stu is him always popping these charcoal pills to clear out his stomach. He'd just be sitting there moaning, 'aaaah,' knocking back the charcoal pills, and then he'd show up and deliver an award-winning performance in between throwing up."

Todd Phillips, the co-writer/director

"Todd was the (sort of) dark captain of the ship. He was in his element making this film, but at the same time, he wasn't gambling. He didn't have an outlet like he did in Vegas, because he's this huge gambler. Without that outlet, it was, you know, beware."

Ken Jeong, now-clothed international criminal, Mr. Chow

"In one second, you'd have Mr. Chow saying the most horrific things. And the next minute when he breaks, he's like 'Is that okay? He's the most polite doctor around." [Jeong attained his medical degree at the University of North Carolina.]

Crystal, the monkey (replacing the baby, the chicken and the tiger)

"Crystal is just a wonderful creature. I worked with her before on Failure to Launch, a movie I did six years ago. So she and I have history. She plays a male, drug-dealing mule. But the thing about Crystal is that she'd go into heat every four weeks, and then we'd get a much different Crystal. Unfortunately on those days, she happened to be on my shoulder. So my skin got pretty scuffed up."

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