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The 1949 film Mighty Joe Young, starring Terry Moore and directed by Ernest B. Schoedsack, is one of several stop-motion pictures featured in the documentary Magic Motion.RKO Radio Pictures/Photofest

The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young

The entry procedure for the murderously hilly 100-mile race through the Tennessee backcountry is a mystery, the rugged course is barely marked and the slog has to be completed in under 60 hours – a feat only 14 people have ever accomplished in almost 30 years. Basically, it's the Deliverance of marathons. A documentary sheds light on the ultra Americana and the trail race's charismatically eccentric co-founder. (Bloor Hot Docs)

Magic Motion: The Art of Stop-Motion Animation

Since the early days of movies, fans and filmmakers have gone ape over stop-motion animation. Here, a sprawling genre-crossing retrospective explores the evolution of the visual effect, from King Kong and Mighty Joe Young to Beetlejuice and Wallace & Gromit. As a special treat, director John Landis will be on hand to salute the maestro of dynamation, Ray Harryhausen. (Nov. 27 to Jan. 3, 2016, TIFF Bell Lightbox)

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