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film review

Trey Songz in a scene from Baggage Claim.The Associated Press

The fluff just barely gets airborne in this rom-com about gorgeous but unlucky-in-love flight attendant Montana Moore (Paula Patton) whose relationships "have never been cleared for takeoff."

With just 30 days to land a date before her baby sister's wedding, Montana takes the suggestion of her colleagues, gay pal Sam (Adam Brody) and oversexed girlfriend Gail (Jill Scott), to log extra miles to reconnect with all her former boyfriends.

Director-writer David E. Talbert, best known as a playwright, telegraphs the happy ending with Montana's lifelong guy buddy and shoulder-to-cry-on, William Wright (Derek Luke), who lives across the hall.

Patton's Montana sweetness borders on insipid, though there's some modest fun spoofing romantic clichés, as Montana's parade of hunky, wealthy exes: Trey Songz as a hip-hop mogul whose bling exceeds his bank account; Taye Diggs as a chauvinist Republican congressman looking for arm candy, and Djimon Hounsou as a suave hotelier who wants Montana for a short-term stay.

Otherwise, Brody, Scott and Jenifer Lewis (as Montana's imperious oft-married mom) give this formulaic material maximum comic spin.