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film review

A scene from Body.Helen Rogers

After spending a not insignificant time wading through the offerings of low-budget genre films, you start to wonder: Is all this absolutely necessary? Producing a movie on a wish and a Discover card is no easy feat, so why go through the wringer unless your concept is absolutely, starkly original?

This is the question I wish filmmakers Dan Berk and Robert Olsen had asked themselves before going to the trouble of producing their debut feature Body, a shoestring house-of-horrors exercise that just sort of, well, exists, with no real purpose or artistic vision driving it forward.

Focusing on three coeds who explore a mansion they were definitely not supposed to traipse through, the brisk film offers all the expected scares and twists that one expects from a cheap horror movie, but nothing more (well, save for a supporting role by industry vet Larry Fessenden). But just because Body could be made doesn't mean it needed to be.