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film review

ABCs of Death 2 (2014) opens at Carleton Cinema.

ABCs of Death 2

We shouldn't need to spell it out for you, but S is for sequel, in this case a follow-up to The ABCs of Death from a couple of years ago. The premise is the same: More than two dozen directors from the world over are assigned a letter of the alphabet and asked to produce individual chapters in a horror and comic-horror anthology. Included is Cuba's Juan of the Dead director Alejandro Brugues, who offers E is for Equilibrium here. (14A, Carleton Cinema)

Hit by Lightning

If you're a soulmate-seeking bachelor in your 40s, you'd likely be pretty accommodating when you finally meet the harmonious knockout of your dreams. Spring for dinner and a movie? No problem. Take out her garbage? Absolutely. Take out her husband? Sure, why not? In this black comedy, Jon Cryer is comfortably cast in his Two and a Half Men schmuck character when it comes to pleasing a woman he'd literally kill for. (14A, Carleton Cinema)