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film review

Although its title implies a standard rom-com, Marc Meyers's feature is more a sad statement of fact than an exercise in merriment. Focusing on the fraught relationship of musician Travis (Matt McGorry) and the slightly older, very married yoga instructor Ellen (Amy Hargreaves), the drama flits back and forth between dissecting the raw fissures that develop between any couple, and attempting to make profound declarations on why good people make puzzling choices. Although its two lead actors are strong – and Meyers affords them a generous number of scenes where they can bare raw emotion – the film stumbles toward the end, and the central duo don't develop all that much. At one point, Meyers must have been truly in love with his story to carry it all the way to development. But for anyone else who watches the film, it will be hard to remember it as anything more than a brief, middling affair.