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film review

Clive Owen, right, stars as Raiden and Morgan Freeman, left, as Bartok in Last Knights.Larry Horricks

A movie this silly should be prefaced with an apology: "Um, about Last Knights … "

A medieval martial-arts story, it features a colour-blind and accent-deaf cast of European, Asian, American and Middle Eastern actors, working under a Japanese action director (Kazuaki Kiriya).

Clive Owen stars as Raiden, the leader of a gang of dispossessed knights who pierces with his blue eyes and special sword as his multicultural warriors battle a prissy, corrupt royal minister (Norwegian actor Aksel Hennie).

The knights are out to avenge the killing of their lord (Morgan Freeman) who, before his early exit, spits out a few rousing speeches about honour, freedom and the unnamed nation's unspecified values.

Familiar in its outline but unusual in the details, Last Knights feels like a year's worth of post-midnight cable TV viewing run through a blender and served warm for your viewing amusement.