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film review

Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell star in Mr. Right.Steve Dietl

In this action-romedy pastiche (the closing-night gala from last year's Toronto International Film Festival), the wisecracking opening shootout in a wedding banquet hall lays waste to every last balloon – and to the genre tropes it will soon stiletto with absurd affection. That includes the condom-aisle meet-cute between lovelorn Anna Kendrick and Sam Rockwell, a (partially) reformed hit man who shuffles, spins and kicks his way balletically through fights. The film's a delirious mix of organized-crime family, double-cross, kidnapping, dating and knife-throwing – oh, and also Tim Roth, who plays a world-weary grownup version of his eager The Hit apprentice Myron, had Myron gone to finishing school. The movie wears its situational zaniness lightly and depends on the rapid-fire dialogue, charm and killer chemistry of its romantic duo. Just enjoy its loopy pleasures.