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film review

A group of teenagers find a time-traveling machine, and rewind the clock to win a lottery, pass a chemistry test and attend Lollapalooza.Photo credit: Guy D'Alema

Youth is wasted on the young, and apparently time machines are as well. Project Almanac, or, as a cynic might call it, David, Jesse, Quinn, Adam & Christina's Bogus Looper-Light Adventure, is a Michael Bay-branded time-travel fiasco, made for teens and seemingly by them, too.

Excitable dude-saying high schoolers find an incomplete 'temporal relocation device' in the basement, and even though the house shakes with crazy levels of electromagnetic energy, the mother never once pokes her head down into the basement and asks 'what are you darn kids up to?' (Their caffeinated mannerisms, coupled with the jittery hand-held filming, makes for exhausting viewing.)

The kids are up to rewinding the clock to win a lottery, pass a chemistry test and attend Lollapalooza. David (Jonny Weston) is the best looking nerd ever, and yet needs the device to perfect a romantic moment with the photogenic and sweet Jessie.

Events ripple out of hand, though. David races – yes, against time – to fix history and future. By the time the déjà-view dud screeches to an end, and you've just lost 106 minutes you'll never get back.