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There are some movies whose premises defy simple description. But here goes: In this half-comedy, half-drama, half-sci-fi epic, an alcoholic named Gloria (Anne Hathaway) discovers she has a strange connection to a giant Godzilla-like monster wreaking havoc on Seoul. To say any more would ruin the wonderful surprises writer-director Nacho Vigalondo has delicately peppered within his film. But it is no spoiler to say the film is simply unlike anything else to play theatres this year – a feat it will likely keep for the foreseeable future. The Spanish filmmaker Vigalondo, who attempted similar genre deconstructions before with the nicely twisted Timecrimes and the not-so-successful Open Windows, delivers an unexpected and singular ride, even if it occasionally stumbles on its own premise. Clearly a movie designed for niche audiences, it will not strike everyone the same way. But for those who embrace Vigalondo's wild wavelength, the rewards are innumerable. At the very least, you will believe that Anne Hathaway can crush an entire city through sheer force of will.

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