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Ride Along 2 has Kevin Hart’s yappy rookie policeman accompanying rapper-actor Ice Cube’s straight-man detective, left, on a vice case to Miami.Quantrell D. Colbe

Considering that an "actual film" like James Bond head-scratcher Spectre doesn't bother to make any damn sense, there's probably no need for a buddy-cop comedy starring a hyperactive Kevin Hart to be comprehensible, either.

That being said, Ride Along 2 – everything one would expect and less – is over-the-top imbecilic. The sequel has Kevin Hart's yappy rookie policeman accompanying rapper-actor Ice Cube's straight-man detective/imminent brother-in-law on a vice case to Miami. There's every reason for the idiot cop not to accompany the capable cop, but, you know, movie.

Benjamin Bratt, who thinks he's in one, is charismatic as an urbane villain, and the Cube ranks second only to Samuel L. Jackson in saying "goddamn." But the rest of this mess is a goofy formula of chase scenes, inappropriate explosions and banter, banter, banter.

Hart's irritating character desperately seeks approval, but his idiocy is too much. The comedian makes Jerry Lewis look like Benedict Cumberbum – and if you think that line is funny, Ride Along 2 is your kind of jam.

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