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Rush music isn't for everyone. Neither is Rush: Time Stand Still, a rock-doc chronicle of the band's purported final tour in 2015. To the non-fans of the Canadian prog-rock trio who were filled up on the band's y underdog place in rock history with 2010's excellent Rush: Beyond the Lighted Stage, this new film serves as nothing more than an extra chapter. So, it's a fans-only special – one more gathering for the A Farewell to Kings aficionados. The drama to the exit-stage-left story happens early, when we hear that the road-weary drummer Neil Peart freaked out when guitarist Alex Lifeson guilted him into the tour by pulling out the "arthritis card." Otherwise, there's little tension to the final-show countdown, with occasional limelight thrown on hard-core Rush nuts. Narration by actor Paul Rudd – an inside joke, that – is occasionally stilted, with lines such as "age has a hand on the pen that writes the story" worth a chuckle. Fact is, any pen that writes any last-time narrative feels forced; the suspicious rock 'n' roll fan has heard the "final-tour" jive before. Time stands still, until the next time.