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film review

In Terms and Conditions May Apply, the filmmaker’s bizarre fixation with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg almost undermines his well-researched and intriguing message.

Terms And Conditions May Apply is not just a documentary about Internet privacy, but a non-fiction horror flick for anyone who blindly agrees to user licensing agreements online (a.k.a. everyone).

Through interviews with academics, experts and victims, director Cullen Hoback uncovers truths about a ubiquitous social-media landscape that was once a government surveillance fantasy.

A world emerges in which cellphones record every keystroke, Google monitors every Gmail user's Internet history, and high school students are confronted by the Secret Service over innocent posts.

Five years ago it would play as science fiction, today it's reality.

Hoback weaves his material together playfully and comically, making his film frightening through facts rather than technique.

One low point: the filmmaker's bizarre fixation with Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, including a Michael Moore-style confrontation stunt that almost undermines Hoback's well-researched and intriguing message.

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