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In Ice Age: Collision Course, Sid (voiced by John Leguizamo) meets an ethereal female sloth, Brooke (voiced by Jessie J) who somehow finds him irresistible.

Who made this thing, Wile E. Coyote? Ice Age: Collision Course, the fifth instalment in the 3-D computer-animated franchise for kids, is an incomprehensible ordeal of slapstick gags, wacky animals and poopy humour. It just seem to be an excuse to have various varmints squeezed, squashed and twisted out of shape. The gist of it has to do with an acorn-obsessed squirrel whose accidental spaceship piloting causes a chain reaction that sends a giant asteroid hurtling toward a doomed planet of hockey-playing wooly mammoths and other oddballs. Fine so far, right? But then a one-eyed weasel comes across a prophecy and the flying dinosaurs hope to foil the plans of saving the world and why does that spiritual-guru llama have a pair of ram horns? At one point Ray Romano (who musters all the enthusiasm you would expect from an actor voicing an extinct mammal in a scientifically misleading series for 15 years) cries, "What's happening? Did I hit my head?" He speaks for this reviewer. Toddlers will dig the shenanigans, but bewildered adults should root for the annihilation of this tapped-out series.

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