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film review

Taylor Lautner stars as Cam, a lone-wolf orphan deeply in debt to a New York mob boss.Dave Dougan

If the pedal-junkie Premium Rush from 2012 is your thing, here comes Tracers, a more bargain attraction that is likewise set in sweltering New York and deals with Chinatown loan sharks, but which replaces bike-courier chase scenes with building-jumping parkour acrobatics.

Loud of soundtrack and highly adrenalized – you'll burn off your Twizzlers intake just watching this thing – Tracers stars the hunky Twilight brooder Taylor Lautner as Cam, a lone-wolf orphan deeply in debt to an Asian mob boss whose sideline aquarium store suits the film's big-fish-eat-little-fish subtext.

Lautner's opposite is Marie Avgeropoulos, a limber package of glares, secrets and wildness. She and her fellow Caucasian ninjas – a pack into which Cam is initiated – are under the thumb of a shady crew leader who schemes up one last heist that, if successful, would give all concerned the exit plans they need.

With escape as its theme, this thin-plotted pleaser comes hard and goes fast, its rush premium but fleeting.