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film review

Jean Dujardin and Virginie Efira appear in a scene from Up for Love.

Short men, take note: You can land your dream woman – tall, blond, elegant, as epitomized by Virginie Efira – if you hold her phone hostage and inexplicably take her sky-diving on your first date.

Okay, so Alexandre, played by Jean Dujardin, is absurdly handsome, but he's also 4-foot-5 – decidedly shorter than Diane, the lawyer smitten by his charm, but unsure about his stature. That's the half-hearted gimmick delivered in the otherwise conventional romcom Up for Love, a remake of the 2013 Argentine-Brazilian film Corazon de Leon. Alexandre is charming, ambitious and generous to a fault, while Diane's only downside is her bullish ex-husband of three years.

There's something to be said about our society's obsession with height, but the film only alludes to it, opting instead for smirks and cartoonish reactions to Alexandre's size. The sincerest the film gets is when Diane tearfully admits to Alexandre: "You take up a lot of space." Still, Dujardin and Efira are both charming and beautiful, and the film glistens in its breezy cobblestoned scenery.