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In photos: The family behind the $100-million home

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Jacqueline Seigel, wife of U.S. time-share billionaire David Seigel, wanted to move out of their current 26,000-square-foot home because the family was ‘bursting out at the seams.’

Lauren Greenfield/Lauren Greenfield

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So the family began building this 90,000-square-foot, $100-million Florida mega-mansion that has been nicknamed Versailles, with 13 bedrooms, 10 kitchens, a full-size baseball field, two grand staircases, a rink for ice and roller skating, two tennis courts and a bowling alley. The project, and its pitfalls, are featured in the documentary The Queen of Versailles.

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Jacqueline Siegel and her children.

Lauren Greenfield/Associated Press

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In the documentary, David Siegel describes his wife, Jacqueline, as ‘another child.’

Lauren Greenfield/The Associated Press

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