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Two different photographs are juxtaposed to give the uncorroborated impression Ryan Gosling (right) is aghast at People magazine's selection of Bradley Cooper (left) as the Sexiest Man Alive.

Sure, he's got that mischievous grin, loves his mom, and happens to be fluent in French but not everyone supports People Magazine's election of Bradley Cooper as 2011's Sexiest Man Alive. Legions of dedicated Ryan Gosling fans are up in arms over the decision, and are taking their indignation to the internet and beyond.

The popular Gosling meme F--- Yeah! Ryan Gosling gave a nod to the uproar with its latest post. A photo of Gosling in character as a mobster has text that reads "Hey Girl, Bradley Cooper? Really? Better than me? Seriously? I'm not jelly."

The greatest backlash has come from Yesterday the website published 63 reasons why Bradley Cooper doesn't deserve the honour – all in the form of photos of Gosling.

That list was soon followed by another, more intellectual look at the situation: "10 Scientific Reasons Why Ryan Gosling Is Sexier Than Bradley Cooper."

Included in the list is photographic evidence that Gosling can lift NBC weatherman Al Roker, and that Gosling's beard boasts more Facebook fans than Cooper's.

BuzzFeed are also the masterminds of a fast-growing online petition urging People to admit their mistake. As of Thursday morning, the petition had close to 1,800 passionate signatures. Andrea Hickey, one of the petitioners, left this reason as explanation of her signature: "This beautiful creature from the heavens has been served a great injustice."

Another, Sophie Hendren, drew inspiration from Old Spice commercials. "People magazine! Look at Ryan Gosling. Now look at your man. Now back to Ryan Gosling. Now back at your man. Sadly, he isn't Ryan Gosling."

For some, a petition isn't enough. A "Pro-Gosling People Magazine Protest" was organized for Thursday afternoon by one of BuzzFeed's writers. According to the protest's Facebook page, over 100 Gosling devotees planned to raise their fists outside People's headquarters in New York. No word on whether the Occupy Wall Street camp joined their brothers and sisters in revolt.