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film review

Maren Eggert as Alma and Dan Stevens as Tom in I'm Your Man.Christine Fenzl/Courtesy of Mongrel Media

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  • I’m Your Man
  • Directed by Maria Schrader
  • Written by Jan Schomburg and Maria Schrader, based on the short story by Emma Braslavsky
  • Starring Maren Eggert and Dan Stevens
  • Classification PG; 105 minutes
  • Available at the Toronto International Film Festival until Sept. 18 (in-person and digital screenings); opens in theatres Sept. 24

Critic’s Pick

Woman meets man. Man charms woman. Woman starts to believe in love for the first time in a long while. Man turns out to be a robot. German hilarity ensues. Director Maria Schrader’s new sci-fi-tinged rom-com might be conventionally structured, but it is also smoothly crowd-pleasing work, tackling all the anxieties and neuroses of mid-life romance with the fears and promises of next-generation technology.

As the perpetually single scientist Alma tasked with testing out a new android’s romantic capabilities, Maren Eggert charms with ease, balancing just the right blend of skepticism and emotional longing. And as Tom, the well-sculpted droid who only wants to fulfill his programmed tasks, Dan Stevens goes far beyond auto-drive. Plus, the film comes with the big bonus of learning that Stevens speaks perfect German.

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