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film review

Nia Long and Omar Epps star in Netflix's Fatal Affair.Courtesy of Netflix

  • Fatal Affair
  • Directed by Peter Sullivan
  • Written by Peter Sullivan and Rasheeda Garner
  • Starring Nia Long, Omar Epps and Stephen Bishop
  • Classification N/A; 89 minutes


1.5 out of 4 stars

It is hard to begrudge Netflix’s desire to conquer absolutely every market imaginable, especially when it feels like streaming is going to be our predominant means of entertainment for far longer than we anticipated back in the halcyon days of March, 2020. So just as Netflix has spent these past few months pumping out high-budget action blockbusters (Extraction), gross-out comedies (Desperados) and pleasant-enough rom-coms (The Lovebirds), it has marshalled similar resources to become the champion of ... um ... extremely low-brow movies-of-the-week?

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Fatal Affair is Netflix's latest attempt at a Lifetime-esque movie-of-the-week.Courtesy of Netflix

Yes, the new film (I use that word loosely) Fatal Affair is, like the streaming giant’s recent efforts Dangerous Lies and Secret Obsession, exactly the kind of barely-there diversion that you might have flipped past on the Lifetime channel in days of yore. There is sex (all of it captured chastely), lies (all of which are needless) and violence so bloodless that you may as well be watching Disney+. But because the whole endeavour is engineered to be deliberately mindless, you can’t get too mad at director Peter Sullivan for sticking to the bare-bones basics of the genre.

So: If you have an extreme, insatiable desire to watch a tale of a midlife career professional (Nia Long) who becomes the fixation of an obsessive stalker (Omar Epps), and don’t mind that every twist will be telegraphed and that every performance will be as pedestrian as possible, then enjoy. For everyone else, Fatal Affair will live up to the first half of its name, and you’ll be bored to death.

Fatal Affair is available to stream on Netflix starting July 17

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