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Marshall Williams and Leo Fafard in SuperGrid.Courtesy of GAT

  • SuperGrid
  • Directed by Lowell Dean
  • Written by T.R. McCauley, Justin Ludwig
  • Starring Leo Fafard, Marshall Williams, Jonathan Cherry, Natalie Krill
  • Classification 14A
  • 82 minutes


2.5 out of 4 stars

Driving "the Grid” with mysterious cargo, the roadblocks are serious and the highway bandits are predatory. Airborne infections pose a lethal risk. Water is used as a bartering tool for safe passage.

This either describes my last trip from Los Angeles to Coachella or it’s SuperGrid, a satisfying enough, bullet-strewn B-movie set in postapocalyptic Western Canada.

From the creators of Canadian horror-comedies WolfCop and Another WolfCop, this non-comedy is aimed, probably accurately, at uncritical moviegoers. The plot line is flimsy – two estranged road-warrior brothers are forced to make one last run – but, hey, movie franchises have been built on less. (Hello, Mad Max.)

Did you know that bullets penetrating the human body make a "splitch” sound? Of course you didn’t, which is what the SuperGrid sound-effects technician was counting on. Besides, anyone who actually did know what bullets cutting into flesh sounded like would likely be in jail, where they would never show this violent film anyway.

SuperGrid opens Dec. 14 in Toronto, Ottawa and Calgary.

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