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film review

Catch up on new releases from March and April, whether you’re looking for a movie or a show to binge

Run on HBO/Crave.HBO / Crave

Streaming television

Amazon Prime Video

  • The Capture has an intricately woven plot anchored in the issue of constant surveillance




  • HBO’s Run is a wild, strange, romantic ride for the risk-taking viewer (read our interview with showrunner Vicky Jones)
  • The Plot Against America: History upended in a chilling cautionary tale
  • HBO’s Westworld is back to drive you crazy with season 3, and thank goodness for that

CTV Drama Channel

  • Killing Eve’s third season is killing it with dazzling energy and surprises


  • Mrs. America is a superbly-told story of the conservative backlash against feminism (read our interview with star Cate Blanchett and executive producer Stacey Sher)


Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness on Netflix.Netflix

  • How to be good: Ricky Gervais explores it all in second season of After Life (read our interview with Gervais)
  • Dare Me is set in the world of competitive high-school cheerleading
  • Feel Good: A Canadian makes a deliriously British rom-com
  • Ryan Murphy’s Hollywood is inspiring, profound and thought-provoking (read our interview with star Jim Parsons)
  • How one Mississauga teen beat out 15,000 other girls to star in Mindy Kaling’s new series Never Have I Ever
  • Ozark’s third season is better but still messy and addictive
  • The English Game, from Downton Abbey’s creator, is a sweet, sporting diversion
  • The Valhalla Murders is the perfect crime-drama binge of the moment
  • Tiger King is a hit because it makes our strange time more bearable
  • No sex, no sin: Why Too Hot to Handle is an icky hit

Streaming films

Amazon Prime Video

CBC Gem Hot Docs at Home series

  • 9/11 Kids looks at American life through the eyes of the children sitting with George Bush that morning
  • A Secret Love tells the story of a real-life League of Their Own player from Canada
  • Finding Sally digs deep into Ethiopia’s diplomatic past for a whopper of a family secret
  • Fake-art doc Made You Look sharply stokes skepticism of the one per cent’s favourite hobby (3 stars – read our interview with director Barry Avrich)


  • HBO’s Bad Education offers Hugh Jackman the role of a lifetime (3 stars)


Coffee & Kareem, streaming on Netflix.Justina Mintz/NETFLIX

  • All Day and a Night gives Jeffrey Wright his delayed due, while affirming Ashton Sanders’s star power, too (3 stars – read our interview with Wright)
  • Coffee & Kareem offers a double-double of vulgar trouble, thanks to Canadian director Michael Dowse (3 stars – read our interview with star Taraji P. Henson)
  • Dangerous Lies is the Dollar Store version of Knives Out (1 star)
  • Give Chris Hemsworth thriller Extraction a shot, if only for its tremendous one-shot action centrepiece (2.5 stars – read our interview with director Sam Hargrave)
  • Love Wedding Repeat wants to be the Groundhog Day of marriage movies, but you’re best off saying, ‘I don’t’ (2 stars)
  • Murder to Mercy: The Cyntoia Brown Story is a welcome shift from Netflix’s lurid true-crime docs (3 stars)
  • United Nations drama Sergio fights the good fight, but succumbs to overly sexy silliness (2 stars)
  • The Half of It is the admirably moodier cousin to the streaming giant’s sunny YA rom-com family (2.5 stars)
  • The Platform is either the perfect, or worst, satire to watch while under COVID-19 self-isolation (3.5 stars)
  • Tigertail is a beguiling blend of generational-divide drama and coming-to-America tension (3 stars – read our feature on director Alan Yang)
  • Uncorked is a family drama as smooth, and safe, as merlot (2.5 stars)
  • Zippy and dark The Willoughbys is here to save you from your Frozen 2-on-repeat nightmare (3 stars)


Blood Quantum.Prospector Films

  • The wild, genre-hopping Bacurau’s innovative digital release may be the lifeline indie cinemas need right now (3.5 stars)
  • Canadian zombie movie Blood Quantum is sharp colonialism take-down slash sticky splatter-thon (3 stars – read our interview with director Jeff Barnaby and actor Michael Greyeyes)
  • Amateur and sloppy film Cave Rescue washes all the drama out of the 2018 Thai survival story (1.5 stars)
  • Sloppy shoot-'em-up Guns Akimbo makes the Crank films look like subtle masterpieces of nuance (1 star)
  • Abortion drama Never Rarely Sometimes Always is a quietly devastating look at women’s health, and empathy (3.5 stars)
  • Jesse Eisenberg-starring Resistance mines, but also mimes, a familiar Second World War story (2 stars – available on Apple TV)
  • Unofficial Braveheart sequel Robert the Bruce is for anyone who has yet to see Mel Gibson’s epic. Or Netflix’s Outlaw King. Or read a history book (1.5 stars)
  • Gerrymandering documentary Slay the Dragon turns politics’ least sexy word into a cri de coeur (3 stars)
  • Swallow nearly chokes on its freak-show depiction of a genuine mental-health disorder (2 stars)
  • Canadian drama Tammy’s Always Dying sorta tries, and sorta fails, to redeem Felicity Huffman (2 stars)
  • The Informer is big and bloody ridiculousness, and another example of a lost Joel Kinnaman opportunity (2 stars)
  • Canadian director Johnny Ma’s China-set To Sing to Live explores clashes between the old and new with empathy (3 stars – available on iTunes Canada)
  • Why the glitter-drenched kiddie karaoke of Trolls World Tour might change the movie industry (2.5 stars)
  • Timely but nerve-racking horror film Vivarium asks what it would be like if you could never escape your home (2.5 stars)
  • Satanic-panic thriller We Summon the Darkness struggles to deliver itself from evil (2 stars)

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