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The Tom Cruise heat-o-meter: Who’s had the hottest on-screen chemistry with him? Add to ...

In Edge of Tomorrow, Emily Blunt is the latest co-star to attempt crackling onscreen chemistry with Tom Cruise. A look back through 30 years of leading ladies (and one very good-looking male vampire) shows that some pairings have been hotter than others.

Rebecca De Mornay, Risky Business

T.C. dancing around in his tighty-whities isn’t the only memorable scene from this early-eighties dark-com classic, where Cruise plays a horny high schooler to Rebecca De Mornay’s streetwise call girl (is there any other kind?). The co-stars started hooking up in real life while making this movie and film lore has it that the steamy sex-on-a-train scene was for real. (8)

Kelly McGillis, Top Gun

Once again Cruise plays a man/boy infatuated with an older woman and once again the chemistry is hotter than enemy fire. This was the top-grossing movie of 1986 and yes, a lot of that had to do with the infamous and shirtless volleyball scene, but it was also the electricity between co-stars – a passion that culminated in that silhouetted love scene where you can actually see tongue. Take My Breath Away, indeed. (9)

Nicole Kidman, Days of Thunder

Top Gun on the racetrack held very few surprises, but one was the Hollywood debut of an alabaster redhead from down under. The vibe between Cruise and his future wife is more flirty than fiery, but they could (and would) do a lot worse. (6)

Nicole Kidman, Eyes Wide Shut

Husband-and-wife acting teams generally don’t produce a lot of sparks on the big screen, but given this movie’s subject matter – a secret sex ring – fireworks seemed like a given. Instead the relationship between Kidman and Cruise felt as hot and bothered as a Bingo tournament. And a lot less entertaining. (2)

Brad Pitt, Interview With the Vampire

In the book, the relationship between Lestat and Louis is brimming with homoerotic tension and desire. In the movie it’s hard to imagine how Pitt’s beautiful bloodsucker would look twice at his homely co-star. (Not all handsome actors make handsome vampires. Huh.) (3)

Renée Zellweger, Jerry Maguire

Left to a different cinematic pairing, the famous “You complete me” line might have come off as intolerably cheesy and lame. Instead it was just the right amount of schmaltz, tempered by the brash and sassy dynamic between Cruise and Cuba Gooding Jr. (7.5)

Penelope Cruz, Vanilla Sky

Cruise announced his separation from Kidman while making this 2001 movie and later started dating his unbelievably beautiful co-star. You’d think all the drama and superior DNA would combust on camera. But you’d be wrong. (4)

Katie Holmes, Oprah

Yes, it was an Oprah episode, but given that the infamous “couch jumping” clip has been seen more times than most movies, a chemistry analysis seems fair. This was the first onscreen appearance by the former couple known as TomKat. Holmes grinned big and batted her eyelashes like a possessed fawn, while her new man tried to break the world record for most fist pumps. The whole scene felt staged and awkward, setting the tone for the next several years. (2)

Cameron Diaz, Knight and Day

It’s obvious the two leads had a lot of fun making this really-quite-terrible adventure comedy. If only audiences could say the same about watching it. (6.5)

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