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A bit of a firecracker herself, Naomi Snieckus tells The Globe and Mail what’s been lighting her fire of late.

It's no surprise to find out that Canadian comic-scene stalwart Naomi Snieckus is a fan of podcasts, given that she's involved with more than one of them herself. For jokes, the Mr. D. actress is half of the Baram & Snieckus show. For something a touch more serious, she hosts Firecracker Department with Naomi Snieckus, which focuses on women in Canada's film and TV industry. A bit of a firecracker herself, Snieckus tells The Globe and Mail what's been lighting her fire of late.

What she's watching: "I'm such a fan of all BBC series (especially Scott & Bailey and Broadchurch), and I've just found another one called Shetland. It is not about horses, for you Heartland fans. It's like Law and Order but set in Scotland, so instead of talking to witnesses at a factory or a stockyard setting, it's on a windy bluff or a sheep farm. I love it! I'll take any and all suggestions for other great mystery shows."

What she's listening to: "I love podcasts – of course This American Life is a given. But my other go-tos are WTF with Marc Maron and CBC Radio's This Is That (a satirical news show) and Someone Knows Something (an investigative series)."

What she just saw: "My brilliantly talented friend Naomi Wright is in the Canadian Stage productions of King Lear and Twelfth Night in High Park [in Toronto]. Naomi has such passion for Shakespeare and such command of that language that she makes you understand (maybe for the first time) the story so beautifully. The production is amazing, it's accessible to anyone, and sitting outside as the sun goes down is forever magical."

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