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The Undead on screen

Zombie films that kill Add to ...

George A. Romero may be the seminal zombie auteur, but other directors have taken on the living-dead genre. Among the attempts:

Shaun of the Dead - Simon Pegg, Bill Nighy and a script that plays rotting flesh, cannibalism and armies of the undead for laughs. What's not to like?

Evil Dead - Bruce Campbell, ancient sorcery texts, demonic possession, mutilation and chainsaws. 'Nuff said.

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Resident Evil - Amoral corporations, gene-splicing, evil yuppies in sunglasses, and a script that more or less requires you to suspend all critical thought. On the other hand, it's got Milla Jovovich in her skivvies, kicking ass. Your call.

Invasion of the Body Snatchers - Amid fear of communist subversion, a meditation on conformity, paranoia and dissent. A postwar classic.

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