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Winners in the 53rd annual Underwater Photographer of the Year competition have been selected from among 5,000 images by photographers from 65 countries. A photo showing the exact moment a pack of grey reef sharks catch and devour a parrotfish wins British photographer Richard Barnden the Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019 award.

This wide angle photo of grey reef sharks swarming an unlucky parrotfish at night in French Polynesian waters wins British photographer, Richard Barnden, Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019.Richard Barnden/UPY 2019

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Spanish photographer Eduardo Acevedo wins the Marine Conservation photo award for his shot of a struggling loggerhead turtle stuck in a net in the Canary Islands. He freed the turtle after shooting the photo.Eduardo Acevedo/UPY 2019

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Philippines photographer Henley Spiers wins the Black & White category with this photo shot in Mexico's Baja California Sur of a cormorant diving 10 metres down for its prey.Henley Spiers/UPY 2019

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Korean, Taeyup Kim, wins Up & Coming photographer for this split image photo in French Polynesia. ITaeyup Kim/UPY 2019

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Réunion Island photographer Francois Baelen wins the Wide Angle category for his photo of a humpback whale resting 15 meters down. The photographer free dived centimetres away from her tail.Francois Baelen/UPY 2019

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Also recognized in the Wide Angle category is Taiwanese photographer Yung-sen wu's image of sockeye salmon in B.C.'s Adams River.yung-sen wu/UPY 2019

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Greek photographer Nicholas Samaras wins Portrait category for his photo of a small ray swimming off the Chalkidiki peninsula in Northern Greece. "I managed to swim with him and place my camera underneath to capture a portrait of his belly with the mouth and nose looking like a smiling happy angel’s face..."Nicholas Samaras | Underwater Photography/UPY 2019

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Pekka Tuuri from Finland received mention in the Behaviour category for his photo of spawning lamprey eels in a creek near his home.Pekka Tuuri/UPY 2019

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British photographer Malcolm Nimmo is commended in the Most Promising British Underwater Photographer for his Wide Angle photo of a jellyfiish around the Isles of Scilly.Malcolm Nimmo/UPY 2019

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This photo of the 60 meter yacht, Gunilda, a wreck submerged in 84 metres of cold, dark northern Lake Superior received recognition in the Wrecks category for American Becky Kagan Schott.BECKY SCHOTT/UPY 2019

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