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Hours of Culture- Five things you should check out this week

Monday August 11 to Sunday August 17

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Nic Pizzolatto- The Hollywood Reporter’s profile of the True Detective creator delves in to the history and conflicts that brought season one to life, and dishes on the upcoming second season. (

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The Theory of Everything- The first trailer for the upcoming biopic of British physicist Stephen Hawking focuses on his student days at Cambridge and the courtship of his wife. (

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The Approval Matrix- Comedian Neal Brennan hosts this new new talk show based on the New York Magazine chart of culture. Intriguing, or bad gimmick. We’ll see Monday when the show premieres. (

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Yves Saint Laurent- Pierre Niney stars as the French fashion designer in director Jalil Lespert’s biopic, which opens in limited release on Friday. Chances are there shouldn’t be much competition from The Expendendables 3 crowd. (

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The Medium- Michael Erard’s essay on an incredible fact-checking session (seriously) is a fascinating read on communication and how “even the most ordinary of verbal interactions are always more complex than we think.” (

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