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Hours of culture: Five things you should check out this week

Monday July 7 to Sunday July 13

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Foxcatcher- The second teaser trailer for Moneyball director Bennett Miller’s latest film, the real-life story starring Channing Tatum as Olympic wrestler Mark Schultz, is even more intense than the first. Hits theatres Nov. 14. (

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Extant- If the new sci-fi series about an astronaut who returns pregnant from a solo mission to space didn’t star Halle Berry and wasn’t executive produced by Steven Spielberg, we probably wouldn’t be interested. But it does and it is, so it has our attention. Premieres Wednesday. (


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The Other Side of Monty Python Taylor Parkes’s essay argues that what made Monty Python so great makes the group’s reunion shows this month at the O2 Arena in London a betrayal. (

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The Killing- Netflix has released a trailer for the fourth and final season of the murder mystery series that looks to be ending strong. The series arrives on Netflix on Aug. 1. (

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Inspire Her Mind- Verizon’s commercial about a young girl who is always told she’s pretty will make parents want to put their daughters in lab coats, not skirts. (

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