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Alexa Dirks, who releases music under the name Begonia, will kick off an eight-date tour on Monday that begins in London, Ont., and ends in Winnipeg.

As she sings on the stuttering groove and clipped beats of her song Juniper, the artist known as Begonia has "a real good feeling" that her business is going to hit the ceiling. And there is no sound reason to disagree with her sky-high vibe and confidence. Begonia (real name Alexa Dirks) will next week drop her self-released five-song EP Lady in Mind, an audacious adventure in modern soul, with gospel inspirations and updated takes on finger-snapping Motown pop and late 20th-century R&B. The Manitoban is heretofore known for her work with Juno-winning harmony enthusiasts Chic Gamine, but her solo work is sexier and self-assured. On Monday, she kicks off an eight-date tour that begins in London, Ont., and ends in Winnipeg. The song that's been receiving airplay lately is I Don't Want to (Love U), a sultry statement on loss and conflicted emotions. "Nobody hears the truth," she laments, but there are many out there who hear where she's coming from.

Begonia plays the Drake, Feb. 9, 7 p.m., $11. 1150 Queen St. W.