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YouTube framegrab of Boy George video, Video Games. YouTube


Morning Sun

The Wilderness of Manitoba, from the forthcoming Island of Echoes; downloadable at

A sky full of CSN harmonies twinkling in the leftover light of U2, shining against softly triumphant drums. A Toronto quintet finds what it is looking for.


Yet Again

Grizzly Bear, from the forthcoming Shields; streaming at

Shimmering with seriousness, the second track from the earnest American foursome's upcoming LP rocks artfully, like a mood-altered Radiohead. Dazzling stuff.



Divine Brown, from the forthcoming Something Fresh; streaming at

She's gone, to "find me a better flame." Where'd she go? A sweet, spryly soulful era where back-round vocals are near the foreground, a piano is tapped repetitively and horns delightfully entertain.



The Daredevil Christopher Wright, from The Nature of Things; streaming at

A relentless, swiftly strummed reflection on a divorce and the damage done to a child is both divine and attractively unnerving. Then it ends in a heap, and we're not sure how it all turns out.


Video Games

Boy George; streaming at

"They say the world was built for two." In a video directed by Mike Nicholls, a damp seaside amusement park is the vivid setting for a pair of lovers in the afternoon. Boy George wistfully sings atop the imagery and alongside a lightly touched acoustic guitar, his cover of Lana Del Rey's hazy hit about "swinging with the old stars, living for the fame" sublimely accomplished.

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