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Don Kerr of the power-pop band Communism.Jay Grace

Roll over Fidel Castro and tell Karl Marx the news, there's a new band called Communism. The Toronto power-pop project is led by Don Kerr, a prominent drummer and producer on the local indie-music scene for years. The trio celebrates its debut album Get Down Get Together with a string of locals dates this month and next, including a show at Castro's Lounge (2116 Queen St. E.) on Sept. 24. We asked Kerr about his current non-manifesto passions.

What he's watching: My wife and I binged on the whole season of the Netflix drama Stranger Things in two nights. It is incredible: as creepy as the first season of True Detective, but with a gang of lovable, nerdy kids, and one child actor who is haunting and skilled beyond belief.

What he's looking forward to: I am very excited about the Erella Ganon exhibit at Creative Spirit Art Centre (999 Dovercourt Rd.) until Oct. 7. Erella's life and work perfectly demonstrate the connection between disability and superpower.

What he's reading: Wigford Rememberies by Kyp Harness is a novel about a small town, full of small, interconnected stories. It is somehow hilarious, subtle and epic all at once. It is masterful, which is surprising for a first novel, but he has been a brilliant, underappreciated songwriter for 25 years.