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U.S. self-help guru Tony Robbins tied the knot with Vancouver native Sage Humphrey at a ceremony in Fiji on Oct. 15, his publicists confirmed yesterday.

Humphrey, whose real first name is Bonnie-Pearl, made headlines earlier this year when her first husband, John Lynch of Langley, B.C., threatened to sue Robbins for alienation of affection. However, Humphrey, who married Lynch in 1992 when she was 19 and he 30, contended that she met Robbins in September of 1999, almost a year after she had separated from Lynch.

"Tony Robbins had nothing whatsoever to do with our divorce," she said. Lynch argued that his split from his wife did not occur until 2000 and that she had met Robbins in Hawaii in 1999 while attending Robbins's motivational seminars.

Lynch, who says he provided Humphrey with $4,000 breast implants before their split, said he learned of his estranged wife's relationship with Robbins in September, 2000, when he saw a photograph in a tabloid newspaper of the couple kissing.

Robbins, who is 41, underwent a messy divorce with his first wife, Becky, earlier this year.

Robbins's personal worth is estimated to be $400-million, and he counts ex-hockey superstar Wayne Gretzky among his friends. -- Staff

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