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So, anyway, apparently some 1,500 people called to complain to ABC about Adam Lambert's goofy, sub-sub David Bowie (Ziggy Stardust-era) performance at the American Music Awards on Sunday night.

Young Mr. Lambert, an American Idol graduate and invariably described as a "glam rocker" sang his new ditty For Your Entertainment on Sunday's show. The performance included Lambert touching a dancer, leading some guy around on a leash and kissing a man. Also, a dancer briefly stuck his head in Lambert's crotch area.

Some 15 million people watched the American Music Awards. There are about 300 million people in the United States. And 1,500 people complained. Hellooo?

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Television is not for the easily insulted or upset. Nor is this job - writing and writing about the TV racket. Why, the other day, on returning from a few days off, I began opening the mail. The real mail - things written on paper and put in an envelope with a stamp. First one I opened was brief. "You Irish Catholic scum," it said. This cheered me up no end. Some anonymous (of course it was unsigned and lacked a return address) thicko had gone to the trouble of writing this down and putting it in the mail. Knock yourself out, sunshine. Honestly, we could all be upset and angry all day every day if so inclined.

Me, I wonder why people aren't upset that Lou Dobbs, the wacky codger recently departed from CNN, is talking about running for public office in the U.S. Maybe for the Senate, maybe for the White House in 2012. People are actively encouraging Dobbs, a man obsessed with the dire threat posed by a border with Mexico, to run for office. He's mulling it over. Think about it - the Palin-Dobbs ticket in 2012. Meanwhile, Dobbs left CNN because he was too darn weird even for the U.S. all-news cable racket.

FlashForward. See that show recently? It has been airing on Thursdays, 8 p.m. on ABC, CTV. After a strong opening, it has fallen flat and meandered pointlessly. It's getting insultingly predictable. The good news is that ABC has halted production, briefly, to "boost the writing." Do ya think?

Dancing with the Stars. Ever watch it? Sure you have. It's in the Top 10 shows week after week. Everybody on that show looks good. Hot. Well, according to The Wall Street Journal, a publication not known for sensationalist coverage of reality-competition shows on TV, the show uses more than six gallons of spray tan to create fake tans and fake abs. Seriously. In the report, the special-effects person is observed spraying contestants - "naked or in string bikinis, to chestnut-coloured skin." Next, we're told, "She changed the settings on her gun to paint in the shadows of muscles. Six-pack abs, defined cheekbones and sculpted arms appeared almost instantly." OMG, it's totally fake. A person could be very insulted by the scam.

But back to me. The abundance of insults that come my way when writing about the CBC or the British Royal Family are actually invigorating. So remember this when you write repetitively to call me "bog-trotting Irish pig." Nobody cares much. It's just funny.

Finally, back to young Mr. Lambert, the alleged "glam rocker." ABC has announced it has cancelled his appearance on today's Good Morning America . "Given his controversial live performance on the AMA 's, we were concerned about airing a similar concert so early in the morning," an ABC News spokeswoman said.

Meanwhile, just after ABC dropped Lambert, CBS announced he'll perform live today on The Early Show and be interviewed about the AMA performance. He's also on CBS's Letterman show tonight. Well, there you go. People get all insulted and the insulter gets exactly what he wanted - more attention. Chill, people, chill. Take it from me, proud Irish Catholic (lapsed), bog-trotting scum.

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Also airing

Dragons' Den (CBC, 8 p.m.) is promoted as, possibly, "one of the funniest and most entertaining ever." See, Marlene Cook, organizer of Woofstock, a doggie festival or some kind, appears tonight. For her pitch to expand Woofstock as a business, she brought along five dogs - all dressed to match the style and personalities of each of the Dragons. Somebody is certain to be insulted.

American Masters: Woody Guthrie (PBS, 9 p.m.) is a repeat but aired originally in July when you were all at the cottage or dining al fresco while sipping white wine spritzers. Based on Ed Cray's book Ramblin' Man: The Life and Times of Woody Guthrie, the program chronicles Guthrie's beginnings in Oklahoma and his travels in search of work, journeys that inspired much of his music. PBS describes Guthrie's output as "uniquely patriotic music," which at one time would have been an insult to some people - those who saw him as an irritating lefty.

Check local listings.

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