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How about one of these guys for The Bachelor Canada?

The Bachelor Canada makes it debut on CITY-TV next fall. Here are a dozen eligible Canadians who would be upgrades from the tire scions, European princes and bar owners who have handed out roses in the United States

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Naheed Nenshi Who wouldn’t want to be Calgary’s first lady? Just be warned that you’ll have to share the social-media mayor – who adorably still lives with his parents in N.E. Calgary – with Twitter.

chris young The Globe and Mail.

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The Ryans Why wouldn’t the sexiest Canadians alive look north for the right woman? Marquee names Gosling and Reynolds would have to alternate episodes, with some random guy named Ryan plucked from eHarmony to do the actual proposing in the finale.

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Chris Campoli Attention puck bunnies: You’ll need your best moves to score on Montreal defenceman Chris Campoli, who dated Bachelor (and Bachelor Pad) veteran Gia Allemand. Fortunately, given how the Canadiens are playing, Campoli will be golfing when shooting begins in April.


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Brad Nickel The former Calvin Klein Jeans model comes with a six pack – and a guitar. The Christian musician is quite the treat on the eyes and ears after Wes Hayden, The Bachelor Season 5 villain for whom Love Don’t Come Easy.


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Brett Wilson The big-hearted Calgary entrepreneur, whose past loves include Sarah McLachlan, would be a sound investment.

chris bolin The Globe and Mail

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Justin Bieber OMG! The Bachelor Canada PG-edition could air on YouTube, with tweens from coast to coast competing to see who can scream the loudest and text the fastest. Instead of roses, the Beebs would give out pink Rogers smartphones.


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Milos Raonic Serving up a dark, handsome Canadian ace should help wash away the bad taste left by Australian tennis player Mark Philippoussis, whose 2007 NBC dating show, Age of Love, shamelessly pitted Cougars against Kittens. (He chose a 25-year-old dancer for the Nashville Predators.)

Andrew Brownbill / AP

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Blake McGrath How flexible are you? The double entendres (no, that’s not a dance move) surrounding the So You Think You Can Dance Canada star could make for a fascinating twist: The Bachelor 50-50.

tom sandler The Globe and Mail

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Drake The boldface name for those of us who grew up fantasizing about the boys of Degrassi, rather than Breaker High.


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Craig Kielburger As good as it gets. But while the philanthropy guru is guaranteed to be a hit with mom and dad, the hometown dates will be seriously lacking that crazy drama that we love, not wisely, but too well.

Chris Young / CP

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Dale MacKay Hungry for love? Stick a fork in the winner of Top Chef Canada, who recently added a second eatery, Ensemble Tap, to his Vancouver culinary empire.

Greg Henkenhaf

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Leonard Cohen “If you want a lover I’ll do anything you ask me to.” But, alas, handing out roses to pharmaceutical sales reps and swimsuit models could mean the spiritual death of the ultimate ladies’ man.


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