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In this so-called Golden Age of television, one viewing category has tragically fallen by the wayside: the guilty pleasure. To offset that, may we suggest Mistresses?

The small-screen equivalent of a pastel pink-covered chick-lit beach read, the soapy prime-time drama (CTV, Mondays, 10 p.m.) has quietly sneaked back for a second season and the fun, it seems, has just begun.

Tracing the comings and goings of four female best friends in Beverly Hills, the show is based on a U.K. series of the same name. Mad Men it is not, but there's plenty of sexy philandering by the easy-on-the-eyes cast, led by the reliably charismatic (and seemingly ageless) Alyssa Milano, who plays Savannah, a sexy lawyer dealing with the aftermath of a tragic car accident.

Plot lines also include a sexy male and female catering team, a sexy single mother learning to love again, and a sexy therapist who discovers that, when not on the clock, she quite enjoys a specific sort of illicit behaviour. Think Knots Landing with thoroughly modern haircuts.

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