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TV: 5 shows worth watching tonight: Oct. 29

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REALITY Long Island Medium TLC, 7 p.m. Theresa Caputo sees dead people. The brassy blonde makes the most of her alleged psychic gifts in this popular unscripted series recently returned for its third season. The show’s format follows Caputo juggling her child-raising duties in the pastoral suburbs of Hicksville, N.Y. with her part-time position as a professional medium, but on occasion the two worlds inevitably collide. In the first show of tonight’s mini-marathon, her best friend claims that her young son also possesses the power to connect to the spirit world. When Theresa sits down with the boy, she’s shocked to discover that the kid’s abilities may actually outshine her own. Seven more episodes follow.

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COMEDY Mike & Molly CBS, 9:30 p.m. The viewing public’s love affair with primetime’s only plus-sized couple appears to be genuine. The initial success of Mike & Molly was attributed to the fact that the sitcom had the heavyweight Two And A Half Men as its lead-in show for its first two seasons. Now that Men has been relocated to Thursday night, M&M continues to pull in solid U.S. ratings and occasionally even pulls in a larger audience than its CBS Monday-night stable mates How I Met Your Mother and the rookie sitcom Partners. Fans of the show are likely hooked on the honest relationship between big-boned Chicago cop Mike (Billy Gardell) and his schoolteacher sweetie and recent bride, Molly, played by Emmy-winner Melissa McCarthy. And talk about your relatable scenarios: In tonight’s new episode, Mike is peeved when his police chief boss, played by guest star Gerald McRaney, starts dating his widowed mom. Don’t you hate it when that happens?

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DRAMA Bones Global, 9 p.m. If you’re a fan of the bestselling mystery novels of real-life forensic anthropologist Kathy Reichs, odds are this show tops your weekly viewing list. The principal character of forensic whiz Dr. Temperance “Bones” Brennan, played by Emily Deschanel, is directly based on Reichs, who also serves as a producer on the series and has even appeared in one episode. In tonight’s episode, Brennan and her erstwhile partner, FBI agent Booth (David Boreanaz) head off to Los Angeles to consult on a movie based on her latest book. Imagine their surprise when the prop cadaver being used in the filming turns out to be an actual murder victim!

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REALITY Canada’s Worst Driver Discovery, 10 p.m. In even more relatable TV fare, this Canadian-made series, back tonight for its eighth husband, shines a much-needed spotlight on those people who have no business whatsoever possessing a driver’s license. As before, the format follows the eight bad drivers, each nominated for the dubious distinction by a friend or family member, as they test their non-motoring skills in a controlled environment and are evaluated by a panel of driving experts. The group of eight includes Klyne from Kelowna, B.C., who has already totaled two cars, and Toronto native Robert, who is so nervous behind the wheel that he never exceeds 50 kilometers per hour–on the highway. Andrew Younghusband hosts.


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MOVIE Stigmata Vision, midnight Here’s a story to get you in the Halloween spirit. The 1999 supernatural thriller stars Patricia Arquette as a hairstylist named Frankie, who holds no religious convictions whatsoever until her mother gives her a rosary. Suddenly, Frankie starts speaking in tongues and develops stigmata on her wrists and feet and scribbling Aramaic phrases on her apartment walls. When the words Frankie has been writing correlate with an ancient document found near Jerusalem, the Vatican naturally gets involved and dispatches Father Andrew (Gabriel Byrne) to investigate. Toronto native Enrico Colantoni, seen more recently on Flashpoint, acquits himself nicely as Father Dario.

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