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TV: Five shows worth watching tonight: April 23

Your select viewing guide for Monday, April 23

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COMEDY Malcolm in the Middle MuchMusic, 7 p.m. Bryan Cranston has certainly changed acting lanes. A few years before he started collecting Best Actor Emmys (three at last count) for his portrayal of meth-dealing schoolteacher Walt White on the gritty cable hit Breaking Bad, he was most of the reason to watch this hugely popular Fox sitcom. In any random episode, Cranston’s a hoot as Hal, the addled dad of four wound-up boys, most notably the precocious Malcolm (Frankie Muniz). Hal is forced to dispense his best advice in tonight’s episode when Malcolm discovers that the new girl at school has a big old crush on him. His response: Throw a brick through her bedroom window.

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DESIGN Great Minds of Design CBC Documentary Channel, 8 p.m. Summer’s nearly here and the time will soon be right for street art festivals. Debuting tonight, this six-part Canadian series profiles several designers who are turning sustainable materials into things of great beauty. Tonight’s first episode profiles three street artists redesigning the cityscape with their “urban interventions,” all green, of course. Designer Sean Martindale assembles a team of people for his clandestine intervention to redesign city planter boxes all over Toronto.

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DRAMA House Fox, Global, 9 p.m. And now, the end is near for the wretched House. Counting tonight’s new show, there are only five episodes remaining for this medical drama starring Hugh Laurie as the moody medical genius Dr. Gregory House, which will wrap after eight very successful seasons. Tonight, House and his team tackle the case of a youth who keeps asphyxiating because of bad dreams. Meanwhile, an unpleasant secret from the past threatens House’s relationship with his wife Dominika (Karolina Wydra). You knew House was married now, right? Catch it while you can.

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REALITY Dance Floor Confidential ABC, CHCH, 10 p.m. Finally, a show for people who find it hard to come down after two straight hours of Dancing with the Stars. For the record, this is the first time any cameras have been allowed backstage of the L.A. compound that serves as the DWTS production facility. Good Morning America host Lara Spencer takes a tour of the rambling studio complex, which even has its own tanning salon. Spencer also talks to several past celebrity hoofers, including Kirstie Alley, Ricki Lake and Mario Lopez, who unanimously agree that doing the show was awful tough but the experience changed their lives (or at least reminded people they were alive).


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MOVIE Geronimo TCM 11:15 p.m. ET; 8:15 p.m. PT You thought Bryan Cranston was versatile? Back in 1962, the rangy actor Chuck Connors was midway through his five-season run as a straight-shootin’ lawman on The Rifleman, while on the big screen he was playing the most famous native American character in history. Fantastically miscast, Connors is bewigged and steely-eyed as the legendary Apache leader, who is forced to surrender in order to prevent the starvation or massacre of his people. Geronimo humbly agrees to live out his life on a reservation, but goes back on the warpath when the U.S. government reneges on treaty promises. And so it begins.

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