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TV: Five shows worth watching tonight: February 21

A select viewing guide for Thursday, February 21

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REALITY Something Borrowed, Something New (TLC, 7 p.m.) Wedding season now runs 12 months a year, it seems. In the vein of Say Yes to the Dress (and at least a half-dozen other wedding-themed TLC programs), this new show is all about bridal experts helping frantic brides-to-be who just can’t seem to find the perfect dress for their special day. In this case, the experts are stylist Sam Saboura and designer Kelly Nishimoto, who collectively bring a world of fashion savvy and experience to each new client. In tonight’s show, the pair bend over backwards to accommodate bride-to-be Maricela, who demands a wedding dress that will accentuate her ample curves and not offend her straitlaced Latina family.

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COMEDY Community (NBC, Citytv, 8 p.m.) Merrily, merrily, life is but one long adult-education dream for the oddball characters of Community. Recently returned for its fourth season, the show still derives its comedic content from dropping very strange people in perfectly normal circumstances. Case in point: In tonight’s new episode, the entire study group heads off to the annual Inspector Spacetime convention–think Star Trek meets Star Wars–where they naturally stir up all manner of hijinks. Troy (Donald Glover) gets fiercely jealous when his pal Abed (Danny Pudi) becomes tight with a British sci-fi aficionado, played by Little Britain’s Matt Lucas; Annie (Alison Brie) attempts to sneak off to enjoy the hotel amenities; and Jeff (Joel McHale) tries to bust a move on a Spacetime fan (Tricia Helfer) seemingly far too hot to be hanging out at a sci-fi convention.

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DRAMA Person of Interest (CBS, Citytv, 9 p.m.) For those (likely male) viewers wondering whatever happened to Sarah Shahi, relax. Following a stint as a Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader and two seasons starring in the U.S. cable drama Fairly Legal, Ms. Shahi returns to the small screen in tonight’s new episode of this sturdy crime drama as a lethal and sexy government agent named Samantha who specializes in finding and stopping terrorists. While on the run from her latest clandestine mission, Samantha’s activities bring her into contact with the shrewd computer genius Finch (Michael Emerson) and his blunt operative Reese (Jim Caviezel).

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REALITY What Not to Wear (TLC, 10 p.m.) Still one of the best reasons to watch TLC, this series recently began its 10 th season with a sassy new attitude and an occasional celebrity participant in dire need of a style makeover. In tonight’s new show, style experts Stacy London and Clinton Kelly provide a standard fashion intervention on Shannon Elizabeth, who burst onto the scene as a sex kitten in the raunchy 1999 comedy American Pie. Now she’s nearing 40 and wants to be taken seriously as an actress, which begins with Stacy and Clinton cleaning out her closet. Fare thee well, hot pants and tube tops!

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MOVIE Columbo: The Most Crucial Game (Vision, midnight) Some actors are simply born to play certain roles. Although he appeared in dozens of movies, the late Peter Falk’s name will forever be associated with the TV sleuth Columbo, who he began playing on a semi-weekly basis in 1968 and was still playing the character in TV movies as late as 2003. In this smart 1972 TV movie, Columbo is called in to investigate the murder of a football-team owner (Dean Stockwell) who supposedly fell into his swimming pool and drowned. The football team’s manager (Robert Culp) surfaces as the prime suspect, but appears to have an airtight alibi for the night of the crime. As per every outing of Columbo, the man in the rumpled trench coat lets the guilty party hang themselves.

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