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TV: Five shows worth watching tonight: March 1

Your select viewing guide for Thursday, March 1

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DESIGN Candice Tells All W, 7:30 p.m. ET/PT Even the most experienced designers are watching this excellent homegrown series (and likely taking notes). Now in its second season, the show features the Canadian design diva Candice Olson thoroughly exploring the origins and intent behind a modern design principle before the selection of paint swatches and knocking down of walls. Tonight, Ms. Olson ventures into the Toronto domicile of actor Chris Owens, whom some viewers may recall as Spender on The X-Files. The Victorian home is uniquely charming, but her biggest challenge is reconfiguring the tiny turret bedroom, which also serves as an office and media room. Watch and be amazed at how she seamlessly merges the old and the new.

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REALITY Mighty Planes Discovery, 8 p.m.ET; 9 p.m. PT Buckle your seatbelts for one of this season's most impressive new programs. Debuting tonight, this Canadian-made series goes behind the scenes of some of the world's most amazing specialty aircraft. The first episode looks at the massive flying-eye hospital known as Orbis. On the outside, the plane resembles a standard DC-10 aircraft. The interior, however, has been completely refurbished to hold a world-class ophthalmic hospital with its own operating room and laser treatment facility. There's also a high-tech classroom enabling student doctors around the world watch life-changing surgeries.

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COMEDY Jimmy Kimmel Live: After the Academy Awards ABC, 10 p.m. ET/PT Wait a minute, weren't the Oscars last weekend? Since most sensible people went to bed following the three-and-a-half hour trophy fest last Sunday night, ABC is rebroadcasting its annual post-show wrap-up hosted by Jimmy Kimmel. Basically it's like any other episode of JKL, except the host is wearing a tuxedo and the guests are equally well-attired and of a higher celebrity tier (Kimmel's studio is across the street from the theatre where the Oscars are held. Guests include George Clooney, Martin Scorsese and Helen Mirren and there's a musical appearance by Coldplay. Watch it for the pre-taped skit called Oprah's Book Fight Club, featuring the talk diva herself, and the 10-minute trailer for Movie: The Movie, which stars every big name in Hollywood, from Tom Hanks to Chewbacca.

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FOOD Family Cook-Off Food Network, 9 p.m. ET/PT If you can't stand the heat, get out of the family. This new series pits Canadian families against each other in heated competition for kitchen supremacy. The format is pretty straightforward: Each family is assigned a mandatory ingredient for both entrée and dessert and then the cooking begins. In tonight's opener, the mandatory ingredients are lobster and honey, respectively, and the competing families couldn't be more different. The Wimbush clan is comprised of mom Zoe and her three daughters, who impress the judges with their lobster and ricotta ravioli. Not to be outdone, the Wan family counters with lemongrass ginger lobster mussels. No wagering, please.

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MOVIE From Here to Eternity TCM, 10:30 p.m. ET; 7:30 p.m. PT Released less than a decade after the conclusion of the Second World War, this classic film has lost none of its impact. Set in Honolulu in the days immediately before the attack on Pearl Harbor, the story focuses primarily on two wartime characters. Sergeant Warden (Burt Lancaster) wants to romance the wife (Deborah Kerr) of his commanding officer; lowly private Prewitt (Montgomery Clift), meanwhile, simply wants to be left alone. Everything changes of course, on Dec. 7, 1941, when the skies above Pearl Harbor are full of Japanese bombers. The 1953 epic won eight Academy Awards, including Best Picture and Best Actor trophies for support players Frank Sinatra and Donna Reed.

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