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TV: Five shows worth watching tonight: March 15

A select viewing guide for Friday, March 15

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PROFILE Bette Davis: Benevolent Volcano (TCM, 6:45 p.m.) Originally broadcast way back in 1985, this documentary rewinds the remarkable life and times of Bette Davis, two-time Best Actress Oscar winner and arguably the feistiest woman to ever grace the silver screen. The watch-factor stems largely from an extended interview with the great lady herself, which leads neatly into clips from her most famous films including All About Eve (1950), Dark Victory (1939), Now Voyager (1942), All About Eve (1950) and naturally, Whatever Happened to Baby Jane (1962). For added value, there’s perspective on Bette’s acting legacy from the likes of Anne Baxter, Olivia DeHavilland and director Joseph L. Mankiewicz.

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REALITY Undercover Boss (CBS, 8 p.m.) Now in its fourth season, this U.S. version of a British TV concept continues to find new ways to sneak in the bosses of major corporations among the rank and file of the companies they run. In tonight’s new outing, Ron Lynch, president of the Celtic-themed sports bar Tilted Kilt (think Hooters meets The Keg) goes undercover at his restaurant as a lowly kitchen worker. While the big guy lends his shoulder to one fellow employee dealing with woeful personal problems, he also has to get tough with one “Kilt Girl” who seems to be crossing the line with the customers.

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FOOD Kitchen Nightmares (Fox, Global, 8 p.m.) Still trying to revitalize the American dining industry one restaurant at a time, the blustery Brit chef Gordon Ramsay holds nothing back in this popular series, now in its fifth season. Tonight’s new episode takes him to Seattle, Washington to provide some tough-love to a Greek eatery called Yanni’s. Although once a hot destination, Yanni’s has fallen upon hard times and owner Peter’s refusal to change with the times has him feuding with his daughters. Once again, Ramsay drags a reluctant restaurateur into the present day.

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REALITY Brides of Beverly Hills (Slice, 10 p.m.) You can never go broke by making TV shows about fussy brides and their frocks. Recently returned for a second season, this series puts the reality-TV spotlight on Renee Strauss, whose posh Beverly Hills bridal salon caters to the very rich and extremely pampered. Renee’s primary advisor is the fabulous Kevin Lee (apparently the real inspiration for the wedding-planner played by Martin Short in Father of the Bride). And life is never dull for these clients: Tonight, Renee and Kevin deal with a limousine mogul and his bride-to-be searched for a gown with “bling” and a former Baywatch star. Ah, Hollywood.

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MOVIE Then She Found Me (W, 9 p.m.) Based on the novel by the same name by Elinor Lipman, this 2007 comedy was the directorial debut of Helen Hunt, a recent Oscar nominee for The Sessions. Hunt also took on the principal role of April, a Brooklyn elementary-school teacher subjected to some very strange events. First, her husband Ben (Matthew Broderick) leaves her and then her adoptive mother Trudy (Lynn Cohen) passes away. And then she’s contacted by Bernice (Bette Midler), an over-the-top TV talk show host who claims to be April’s biological mother. And just when she thinks her life couldn’t get any more complicated, April discovers she’s pregnant. Novelist Salman Rushdie delivers a credible guest turn as an attending physician.

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