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TV: Five shows worth watching tonight: May 25

Your select viewing guide for Friday, May 25

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COMEDY iCarly YTV, 6 p.m. Still the most popular show on U.S. television among the younger viewing demographic, this Nickelodeon series is wrapping up its sixth and final season with a bang. Recent guest stars have included First Lady Michelle Obama (as herself, of course); even more kids will be watching tonight's episode with an appearance by the red-hot boy-band One Direction. The story finds the winsome teen Carly (Miranda Cosgrove) coming home sick from a trip and learning that One Direction has accepted an offer to perform on her web show. When band member Harry Styles gets sick, Carly turns Florence Nightingale and Harry' place in the group is filled by the portly Gibby (Noah Munck). Amid the hijinks, One Direction perform their hit "hat Makes You Beautiful."

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REALITY Kitchen Nightmares Fox, 8 p.m. If you own a restaurant and spot Gordon Ramsay in the kitchen, run for the hills. The blustery Brit chef continues to revitalize the dining industry in this U.S. adaptation of a popular U.K. series. In tonight's outing, he travels to Fremont, California, to lend his expertise to a flagging steakhouse and banquet facility with the dreadful name Spin-A-Yarn. Next stop: La Verne, California, where he shrieks at the cowering owners of Charlie's, an Italian bistro that hasn't updated its décor or menu 50 years. You might want to turn down the volume for the mad chef's tirades.


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DRAMA Harry¹s Law Global, 9 p.m. Fare thee well, Harriet "Harry" Korn. As portrayed by the Oscar-winning actress Kathy Bates, the character had a respectable two-season run in this legal drama recently cancelled by NBC. In tonight's finale, Harry puts her storefront-lawyer firm operations on hold when her skunk of an ex-husband turns up dead and no one claims the body. Harry ends up planning his funeral, which stirs up old emotions, but also finds time to represent a man accused of murdering his wife, because that's what good lawyers do.

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MOVIE The Wedding Singer MuchMusic, 10 p.m. Despite his tendency toward the low-brow, Adam Sandler essays a touching and believable character in this 1998 romantic-comedy, which was turned into a successful Broadway musical. Set in the glittery mid-eighties, the story casts Sandler as the professional singer Robbie Hart, whose band specializes in weddings (and occasionally bar mitzvahs). Robbie is bereft when dumped by his tarty girlfriend Linda (Angela Featherstone), but intrigued when he meets the sweet waitress Julia (Drew Barrymore). The bad news: Julia is already engaged to a yuppie jerk who is cheating on her at every opportunity. Watch for cameos by Jon Lovitz, Steve Buscemi and, as himself, eighties rock icon Billy Idol.

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